Episode 3: The Infusionsoft Dream


In this episode, Greg Jenkins of Monkeypod Marketing, and former trainer at Infusionsoft University shares his knowledge and wisdom after years of teaching people how to leverage Infusionsoft.  Greg is the ultimate example because he has used Infusionsoft to create and live “the Infusionsoft Dream” – the idea that you can live the life you want because your business is automated.

Show Notes:

    • Introduction – Greg Jenkins and The Dream
    • 6:15 – Why You Should Automate Fulfillment FIRST
      • Most people try and automate lead generation and sales first.  Greg explains why starting with automating your workflow and fulfillment is the easiest way to quickly get value out of Infusionsoft
    • 10:40 – How To Recognize Your Value An Embrace It (and Increase Profits)
      • Ever launched a product and had it flow?  We all have!  Greg shares his own experience and what he’s learned from it.  Here you’ll learn how to create offers that people are eager to buy.
    • 20:15 – How To Make a Prescription For Your Automation Plan
      • Greg breaks down how to know what to automate and how to create a plan for automating your business.
    • 29:00 – How To Automate Communications and Create Real, Strong Relationships With Your Audience
      • Greg is awesome at connecting with and building his tribe.  Here’s how he does it.
    • Check out Monkeypod Marketing here.

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